Thursday, May 2, 2013

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David Villa this morning diving role as the spearhead of Barcelona in the first minute, he replaces Lionel Messi, who previously occupied the post of regular.

El Guaje also commented on the absence of Messi in the Nou Camp, while Bayern Munich ultimately forced the fall of Barcelona in the Champions League 0-7 on aggregate.

"Messi actually want to play, but on the day he knew he could not do it.'s Definitely not a reason, even if he is the best player of the world."

Barca coach Tito Vilanova denied if Messi did not play because of an injury called, he told the players just being psychologically uncomfortable.

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Villa has now asked all personnel to Los fantásticos to La Liga is not necessarily they won. Given the distance with Real Madrid is now trimmed down to 9 points.

"Let's forget about the Champions League and La Liga concentration. Still there will be a moment of happy if we can win the league title would be," added the number 7 on the reporter.

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